Cloud Services

It's time for you to move your enterprise into the cloud
Host anything from Apps, Websites, ERPs, Web Apps, and more within minutes

Why choose LD Cloud ?

LD Cloud maintains standards and regulations that are fully compliant with businesses in Nepal.

Hosted within Nepal, experience lower latencies compared to those provided by international cloud providers.

Pay in NPR and avoid hassles of dealing with foreign currency payment issues, and currency fluctuation.

Enjoy the privilege of 24/7 Local Support. We are just one phone call away from assisting you.

Our Services

Public Cloud

Easy-to-use, high-performance, scalable and reliable VPS (Virtual Private Server) – the kind of scalability, robustness, customizable and control only possible with the cloud.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) offers all the advantages of virtualization to single-tenant cloud environments. It features high availability, robust security, and guaranteed redundancy to meet the demands of your enterprise.


Security Services

Take the advantage of advance software and cloud technologies to deliver a wide range of network security capabilities. All this, on demand and wherever your business needs, including URL filtering and network forensics.